Delia Gonzalez is a Cuban-American interdisciplinary artist working across film, music, choreography, dance, performance, sculpture, drawing, and painting. She has been producing, performing, and exhibiting her multidisciplinary work for over twenty-five years. Her beginnings in performance, theatre, and dance were formative for her practice and continue to influence her handling of other disciplines and mediums. Outside of her work in visual arts, Gonzalez is also a widely-recognized figure in the music world. She has been working with DFA Records since 2003, releasing five albums and five EPs with remixes by Carl Craig and Baby Ford. Her music is often paired with films shot exclusively on 16mm. Of these, the two chief productions are a full piano score with four ballet-sets (In Remembrance, 2015, DFA) and an electronic album paired with a three-act dance film (Horse Follows Darkness, 2017, DFA Records).