Maria Toumazou’s work is predominantly sculptural, though exploring other disciplines and perspectives as an artistic practice is focal. She is interested in the moment where found forms open up to alternative usage frameworks, shaping objects, materials, and situations through creative processes that are informed by site and biography. Literary forms – such as realism and its attention to the everyday – serve as a methodology for constructing narratives across and within works. Histories and cultures are also revealed in their material facture, unraveling tensions in chronology and circular references that frequently pull from various design eras. Her process-led practice binds together delicate narratives with industry, mechanics, and adhoc inventions employing subjective gestures to manifest opposition to dominant economical structures. Elsewhere, shifting the role of artist as creator, designer, or documenter, Toumazou has created collective projects which stand as independent modes of production: Neoterismoi Toumazou (a project space and art collective with a programme that brought together poetry, performance, music, fashion and object-art) Maria Editions (an independent publishing imprint based between Nicosia and New York) and Metafora (a Cypriot furniture retailer with a focus on postmodern design).