Maria Toumazou and Alessandro Agudio both explore the value systems and the leftover traces of our contemporaneity. Reflecting on the spaces we inhabit and the objects we surround ourselves with, the artists use wit and irony to play with our relation to materials.

These works question the promises embedded in the social and physical environment they come from, being it from a deconstruction of contemporary and traditional Cyprus to the aspirations of social redemption of the suburban northern Milanese province. Toumazou’s series of sculptures take route in the idea of the anniversary, and how specifically the value systems of these three 20th century dates function through the commercial medium of tote bags. These canvas containers, deprived of their functionality take on a series of fictional temporalities, hinted at by titles such as First screen for dad’s market research at fair, granting altered narratives from the objects commemorative purposes. Both Oh! Che dolor and Un Angolo by Alessandro Agudio, belong to a series of works that refer to the body and its relieves, presenting themselves as prosthesis waiting to be activated. However, the performativity that they allude to is continually deferred, since the works hide within them an idea of failure, existing in the continuous dialectic between function and fiction.