Marina Xenofontos, Holding back, holding tight, 2023, Merino wool fabric, embroidery, steel structure gallery, 330 x 150 cm 

Marina Xenofontos, Old Ford Rd, 2023, MDF wood, print on plexiglass, LED lights, Arduino board, reflective sensor, 69 x 53 x 53 cm 

Marina Xenofontos and Kyriakos Kyriakides, Heart-shaped maquette for future photography show, 2020, Wood, inkjet prints (2018-2020), felt, steel base, 53 x 98 x 93 cm 

Marina Xenofontos, Underpass, 2010-2023, MDF wood, silkscreen print on steel (2010), steel base, 53 x 98 x 93 cm

Marina Xenofontos, Underground plan 1:100, 2019, Wood, resin paint, cleaning product, 80 x 53.5 x 65 cm

Marina Xenofontos, Main engine, 2023, Found industrial air-conditioner, turned wood, 100rpm motor, 57 x 68 x 64 cm

Marina Xenofontos, Grandfathers distillery, shed for making canes, and his pet donkey, Inos’, home, 2023, MDF wood, c-prints from color negatives (2005), 70 x 63 cm 

Marina Xenofontos, Landing, 2021-2023, Cardboard maquette for Ceiling Inferno animation (2021), sulfur, 110 x 98 cm 

The doors from the entrance of the gallery were relocated to the doorway of the old office for the purpose of the exhibition