We are caught in frameworks: webs, relationships and Venn diagrams that never quite meet. System Failure. Relics created through friction and fiction; second-hand, mediated and shared memory snowball into reality. Collectively, the gestures in But we’ve met before are grasping, probing, searching. Layers displaced, decoded in material and technique. Personal narratives, social stories, and historical events, fuse in their head as they melt into the mirror. Darkness envelopes them, sentences and sounds surface from the void- it’s own portable cosmos. Gagarin soars, escapes from a prism of iron madness. Lost symbols, lost histories, lost futures. A holler jolts them out of it: cries of monotony, thoughts and actions being erased. Parallels untwine, as if 1-1-4 never existed. 

I, you he, she lays still, wait, hang on, second chance now. 

We lay still, on broken glass and asphalt. 

x Aris, Marina, Hugo, and Julia.